About Blue Long Life

We are among some of the fastest growing natural health products manufacturers. With an endeavor to provide all-natural botanicals for those looking for holistic alternatives for a healthy living, we make sure you get the best of it.


Created by Jose Ramirez and Carlos Caro, we have an experience of more than 20 years in the production of health and sports products. We came together to create Blue Long Life, a brand that offers you optimum quality natural products produced using pure ingredients of high nutritional level with healing and regenerative capabilities.

Blue Long Life offers you all-natural health and sports products that fulfil all those needs that make you healthy- both physically and mentally. To know more about our products and company, stay connected.



Drug industry is now manifested with harmful synthetic cure to its core that seems not to end. We want to offer everyone fair priced and affordable botanicals that improve the quality of life-fighting medical conditions utilizing the substances that nature has bestowed us with.


Sourcing Only the Highest Quality Products

A different kind of company

Blue Long Life is a lot different from other supplement companies from top to bottom. This is because the company is not focused on an umbrella of health supplements to gain on markets like most brands do but we focus on the most important products that are proven to be connected with a healthy body.

Fundamental knowledge of the botanicals and use of unique product formulas, not replicas or generic alternatives to other products, give us an edge in the competition. All the ingredients used in our products are either produced in-house or sought from small, conscientious suppliers, ensuring superior quality.

For this purpose, we have dedicated ourselves to look for the primary source of those ingredients that have serious research and trials and meet the needs of all of us, such as:

“The Omegas or fatty acids so necessary to maintain the optimal functioning of our cardiovascular system.”

“Antioxidants of the highest quality and free of the toxins used in the extraction processes which can only be achieved in algae.”

“Colon cleansers to allow a quick and easy elimination of toxins, guilty of the lack of energy and general malaise.”

“Natural tranquilizers to fight anxiety and chronic pain.”

Reliable Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not just something we only talk about but integrate into our business practices. Our company culture makes us available for our customers seven days a week.

We are proud of what we do.

Never sacrificing raw material quality to save money!

Never compromising our employees’ wellbeing in lieu of profits!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.